What follows is a general pricing structure for the installation of radon mitigating systems in Maryland. Please remember that every house is different and conditions in your home will determine the price of installing a system.

The average cost of 90% of air mitigation systems installations in MD is $800.00 to $1100.00. Water mitigation systems cost $2000.00 to $6000.00 on average.

For payment options, read the Washington Post article “Paying for Repairs

Some of the variables that will determine the cost of installing air mitigation systems:

  • Sump pit
  • Sump pumps (i.e., submersible pump or pedestal pumps)
  • Crawl spaces:
    • The size and the presence of stone under the dirt or concrete and the cost to clean and remove debris from the crawlspace area will affect the price.
  • The square footage of the basement:
    • For a very large home there might be the need for two systems.
  • Age of home:
    • For homes over 20 years old, there is the possibility that no stone was put down prior to pouring the concrete slab. The lack of stone means multiple drop points will be needed.
  • Is the basement finished?
    • In some cases there is very little room to run a system and still keep it confined to a utility room.
  • There is a community association that controls what you can and cannot do to your home.

Some of the variables that will determine the cost to install water mitigation systems:

  • How high are the radon levels in the well?
  • How much room is there to install the system?
  • Which type of removal system; charcoal canister or aeration system?
  • Will the mitigation system affect the water condition system and will a plumber be needed?